Future Firebirds 4th Grade Girls


Date Opponent League Score Highlights
3/3/2018  JLK White  Tournament  31 - 17   
2/18/2018  Ottawa Glandorff 5  Tournament  14 - 12  The Birds are tournament Champions! The Firebirds edged out a good, tough Ottawa Glandorff team in the finals, Thornton led scoring with 7, Coovert added 3, Cornett and Buskard added 2 each. The Birds won with tough, team defense. Congrats! 
2/18/2018  Minster 5  Tournament  19 - 16  The Birds ground out a semi-final victory against a big, physical Minster team. Balanced scoring paced the Birds with Thornton, Coovert, Von Handorf, and Cornett each scoring 4. Buskard added 3 for the Birds. On to the Finals! 
2/18/2018  Coldwater 5  Tournament  28 - 18  The Birds overcame a 9-1 deficit to start the game to advance to the semifinals. The Birds were led by Thornton with 13, Cornett with 8, Buskard 4, Von Handorf 2 and Delgrosso 1.  
2/18/2018  Wapakoneta 5  Tournament  29 - 6  The Birds played shut down defense in the second game of the tournament. Kaylah Thornton led the way with 12 while Addison Cornett added 9, Buskard 4, Giggy 2, Delgrosso 2. 
2/18/2018  Minster 4  Tournament  37 - 10  The Firebirds opened up the Minster Presidentīs day tournament firing scoring 24 in the first half. Eight Birds scored in the contest including Giggy and Delgrosso tying season highs.  
2/17/2018  Springboro Blue  Metro  24 - 11  The Firebirds overcame a slow start being down 7-4 after 1 quarter to sprint to a 24-11 win. The birds were led by Addison with 10, Lena with 6 Brooke Giggy and Abigail Delgrosso with 4 each.  
2/10/2018  Beavercreek Black  Metro  35 - 25   
2/5/2018  Mad River  Metro  29 - 4  The Birds played lock down defense holding Mad River to just 4 points. The Birds played balanced offense with Kaylah, Sofia, Brooke, Lena, Georgia, Addison and Avery all scoring.  
2/4/2018  JLK White  Metro  35 - 24  The Firebirds blew open a tight game in the 4th with a 19 point explosion. The birds were led by Lena Buskard with 12 points, Addison Cornett with 9. Elaina Cameron added a bucket and Abigail Delgrosso added 2. 
2/3/2018  Eaton  Metro  32 - 27  After being tied at the half, the Firebirds pulled away in the second half. Kaylah Thornton had her best game of the year scoring 19 points. Addison Cornett added 5 points.  
1/28/2018  Waynesville Black  Metro  35 - 21  The Firebirds overcame 28 free throws given to pull away in the second half. Kaylah Thornton scored a season high 17 with Addison Cornett and Chloe Randall each tallying 9 points each.  
1/27/2018  Mad River  Metro  28 - 22  Kaylah Thornton and Addison Cornett led the way with 11 and 9 points respectively. Brooke Giggy and Sophia Coovert chipped in 4 each.  
1/21/2018  JLK Gold  Metro  39 - 28  Addison Cornett led scorers with 15, Lena Buskard 12 and Kaylah Thornton 8 with a number of assists to pace the Birds against a solid JLK team.  
1/20/2018  JLK White  Metro  40 - 14  The Firebirds came out strong tallying 22 points by halftime. Addison Cornett and Kaylah Thornton each tallied 12 while Lena Buskard and Chloe Randall dominated the boards scoring 8 and 4 points.  
1/6/2018  JLK Gold  Metro  24 - 20  The Firebirds raced to a thrilling come from behind win outscoring the JLK 9-0 in the 4th quarter. The Birds struggled for three quarters before opening it up. Addison Cornett paced all scorers with 14. 
12/22/2017  Stop. Hammer Time  Tournament  34 - 9  Chloe Randall led all scorers with 10 points to move the Birds into the tournament finals. Addison Cornett scored 7, Lena Buskard 6, Brooke Giggy 5, Kaylah Thornton led the offense with 6 assists.  
12/22/2017  Goshen  Tournament  25 - 16  The Firebirds earned a tournament championship beating a solid Goshen team. The Birds were led by Kaylah Thornton and Lena Buskard with 10 and 6 points respectively. Congrats Birds! 
12/21/2017  Mariemont  Tournament  30 - 8  Lena Buskard came out of her shell to dominate the boards in this contest scoring 12 points and numerous rebounds. Addison Cornett added 6, Brooke Giggy added 4.  
12/20/2017  Goshen  Tournament  22 - 16  The Birds kicked off the Courts4Sports tournament with a win over Goshen. Kaylah Thornton led the Birds with 9, Addison Cornett7 and Chloe Randall with 4.  
12/17/2017  Beavercreek Black  Metro  30 - 15  The Birds came out strong ending the first quarter 11-0. Kaylah Thornton led the way with 15 points. Addison Cornett tallied 10 points.  
12/16/2017  Huber Heights  Metro  26 - 5  The Firebirds continued their solid team defense earning the win. Addison Cornett led the way with 10 points.  
12/10/2017  Springboro White  Metro  29 - 2  The Firebirds played shut down defense and worked hard to improve their half court offense. Offensively, the Birds were Sofia Coovert led the way with 7 points. Brooke Giggy and Georgia Von Handorf had 6 each.  
12/3/2017  Springboro Blue  Metro  20 - 5  The Firebirds overcame early struggles to open up the game. Leading the way for the Birds was Kaylah Thornton with 11 points. Lena Buskard and Chloe Randall each chipped in 4 points in the win. The Birds played shut down defense holding the Panthers score 



Date Opponent League Score Highlights




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