Kettering Basketball Club Registration Form

If you would like to participate in open gyms and/or try out for the Kettering Basketball Club (Future Firebirds) Fall/Winter 2022-23 teams and did not register or play last Fall/Winter season, you must complete the information below and press the Submit button.   Upon registration submittal, a web page should return that includes any open gym and tryout dates, locations, and time currently scheduled for your child - PLEASE BOOKMARK THAT PAGE - you will use it to show your intent to participate in each event and indicate your child's arrival at that event.   If an changes are made to dates/times/locations for open gyms or tryouts, just refreshing that page will show you the latest update.  

If you did register and/or play last year, just use the link from last year.  If you forgot the link, please email and type child's name and grade rather than completing the form again.

Please e-mail any questions to

DID YOU LOSE YOUR LINK?  Please don't register again ... just email and type child's name and grade


First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy)  
Grade (for '22-'23 school year)
Step-Mother or Female Guardian
Step-Father or Male Guardian
Address (cont)
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Father Home Phone
Father Work Phone
Father Cell Phone
Mother Home Phone (if different)
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Known Medical Conditions
Emergency Contact
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Emergency Contact Phone
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